Chapter 5 Index of Proposals
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General Policies for Development and Change of Use
GEN 1 General policy for development
GEN 2 General policy for changes of use
Landscape Character Areas
GEN 3 General policy for landscape character areas
Design Quality
GEN 4 General design policy
Proposals for Provision of Infrastructure or Utilities
GEN 5 Proposals for provision of infrastructure or utilities
Proposals Creating or Affected by Un-neighbourly and Noisy Uses
GEN 6 Policy for noisy/un-neighbourly developments
GEN 7 Policy for noise-sensitive developments.
Pollution and the Quality of Air, Surface Water and Ground Water
GEN 8 Pollution
GEN 9 Contaminated Land
Renewable Energy
GEN 10 Renewable Energy
Proposals In Areas Affected By Flooding And Poor Drainage
GEN 11 Areas affected by flooding or poor drainage
Design Against Crime
GEN 12 Design Against Crime
Nature Conservation, Countryside and Landscape
CON 1 Nature Conservation: European Designations
CON 2 Nature Conservation: National Designations
CON 3 Nature Conservation: Local Designations
CON 4 Nature Conservation: Replacement & Habitats
CON 5 Nature Conservation: Species Protected By Law
CON 6 Heathlands
CON 7 Riverine Environments
Trees and Woodlands
CON 8 Trees, Woodlands & Hedgerows: Amenity Value
Agricultural Land
CON 9 Agricultural Land
The Basingstoke Canal
CON 10 Basingstoke Canal (general policy)
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Policies for Archaeological and Historic Features
CON 11 Archaeological Sites & Scheduled Ancient Monuments
CON 12 Historic Parks and Gardens
Conservation Areas
CON 13 Conservation Areas: General Policy
CON 14 Conservation Areas: Demolition of Buildings
Listed Buildings
CON 15 Listed Buildings: Demolition
CON 16 Listed Buildings: Setting
CON 17 Listed Buildings: Extension or Alteration
CON 18 Listed Buildings: Change of Use
Policies for Strategic and Locally Important Gaps and Settings of Settlements
CON 19 Strategic Gaps: General
CON 20 Strategic Gap: Blackwater Valley
CON 21 Local Gaps
CON 22 Setting of Settlements & Recreation
Amenity Value of Public Rights of Way
CON 23 Development Affecting Public Rights of Way
General policies for development in the countryside
RUR 1 Definition of Areas Covered
RUR 2 Development in Open Countryside: General
RUR 3 Development in Open Countryside: Control
RUR 4 Re-Use of Rural Buildings: General
RUR 5 Re-Use of Rural Buildings: Residential
RUR 6 Large Houses in the Countryside: Conversions
RUR 7 New Buildings in the Grounds of Large House Conversions
RUR 8 Advertisements in the Countryside
RUR 9 Roadside Facilities
RUR 10 Telecommunications
RUR 11 Agricultural Development
Employment Development in the Countryside and Rural Settlements
RUR 12 Business in Rural Settlements
RUR 13 Business in Open Countryside (Exceptions)
RUR 14 Business on Edge of Settlements (Local Needs Exceptions)
RUR 15 Expansion of Existing Lawful Employment Uses
RUR 16 Loss of Employment Uses
Shopping Development in the Countryside and Rural Settlements
RUR 17 Protection of Rural Shops & Post Offices
RUR 18 Small-Scale Shopping Development
RUR 19 Garden Centres & Farm Shops
Housing Development in the Countryside and Rural Settlements
RUR 20 Housing in Rural Settlements
RUR 21 Affordable Housing: Proportion of New Development
RUR 22 Affordable Housing: Exceptions Policy
RUR 23 Replacement of Existing Dwellings
RUR 24 Renovation & Extension of Existing Dwellings
RUR 25 Staff Dwellings Associated with Institutions
RUR 26 New Dwellings for Agricultural Occupation
RUR 27 New Dwellings for Agricultural Retail Outlets
RUR 28 New Dwellings for Horse Related Developments.
Leisure and Recreation Development in the Countryside and Rural Settlements
RUR 29 Formal Recreation Facilities
RUR 30 Informal Recreation Facilities
RUR 31 Blackwater Valley
RUR 32 Basingstoke Canal
RUR 33 Camping and Caravanning
RUR 34 Horse related development
Social Infrastructure and Services
RUR 35 Social Infrastructure & Services (Permissive)
Motor Sports
RUR 36 Motor Sports: Exceptions
Use of Dwellings for Business
RUR 37 Use of Dwellings for Business
Provision of Gypsy Sites
RUR 38 Specified Sites
Employment in the Urban Areas and Rural Centres
URB 1 Definition of Areas
URB 2 Business Development: General
URB 3 Town, District & Local Centres: Business Above Ground Floor Level.
URB 4 Town, District & Local Centres: Business At Ground Floor Level.
URB 5 Provision for Small Businesses
URB 6 Expansion of Employment Uses
URB 7 Loss of Employment Uses
Shopping in the Urban Areas and Rural Centres
URB 8 Retail: Town & Village Centres
URB 9 Retail: Local Needs
URB 10 Out of Centre Retailing
URB 11 Shop Fronts
Housing in the Urban Areas and Rural Centres
URB 12 Residential Development: Criteria
URB 13 Affordable Housing: Proportion of New Development
URB 14 Special Needs Housing Policy
URB 15 Town, District & Local Centres: Residential Above Ground Floor Level.
URB 16 Extensions
URB 17 Annexes for Dependent Relatives
URB 18 North Fleet Conservation Area
URB 19 Yateley Conservation Areas
Social Infrastructure and Services
URB 20 Retention and Provision of Local Services and Community Facilities
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Recreation and Open Space in Settlements
URB 21 Loss of Amenity & Recreation Open Space
URB 22 Change of Use of Small Open Space Areas
URB 23 Open Space Requirements with New Development
Advertisements within settlements
URB 24 Signs and advertisements
Fleet Town Centre
F1 Fleet Town Centre: General Policies
F2 Fleet Town Centre : Primary Retail Area
F3 Fleet Town Centre : Secondary Retail Area
F4 Fleet Town Centre: Area F4 - Peripheral Area
F5 Fleet Town Centre: Area F5 - Peripheral Area
F6 Fleet Town Centre: Area F6 - Peripheral Area
F7 Fleet Town Centre: Area F7 - Peripheral Area
F8 Fleet Town Centre: Area F8 - Peripheral Area
F9 Church Road Car Park
F10 Victoria Road Car Park
F11 Rear Servicing
Yateley Town Centre
Y1 Yateley Town Centre: General Policies
Y2 Area Y2 – Harpton Parade: First Floor Uses
Y3 Area Y3 – Gayton House: Uses
Y4 Area Y4: Uses
Y5 Area Y5: Redevelopment
Y6 Area Y6 – Martins Parade: Uses
Y7 Area Y7 – Rear of Royal Oak etc: Development
Y8 Area Y8 – South of Reading Road: Redevelopment
Blackwater Town Centre
B1 Retention of Retail Uses
B2 Redevelopment of Green Lane Public Car Park
B3 Redevelopment of White Hart Parade
B4 Redevelopment of Garage site
Hook Village Centre
H1 Area H1: Upper Floors
H2 “The Acorn”: Uses
H3 Hook Parade: Redevelopment
H4 Area H4: Redevelopment & Uses
H5 Area H5: Uses
T1 Integrated Transport Network
T2 Public Transport: General
T3 Public Transport: Fleet Town Centre
T4 Public Transport: Safeguarded Rail & Parking (Elvetham Heath)
T5 Highway Network
T6 Safeguarding Land for Schemes
T7 Fleet Inner Relief Road
T8 Highway Network East of Fleet
T9 Road and Junction Improvements
T10 Safeguarding Land for Cycleway & Footpath Networks
T11 Public Access for Mobility Impaired
T12 Public Car Parking: Safeguarding
T13 Traffic Management
T14 Transport and Development
T15 Development Requiring New or Improved Access
T16 Improvements Made Necessary by Development
T17 Ewshot Lane/QE Barracks Link Road
DEV 1 Housing Requirements: Overview
DEV 2 Queen Elizabeth Barracks & Wakefords Copse, Church Crookham: Housing
DEV 3 Land Adjacent to Redfields Industrial Estate, Church Crookham: Industry & Business
DEV 4 Martin Lines, Church Crookham: Industry
DEV 5 Hitches Lane, Fleet: Leisure
DEV 6 East of Holt Lane, Hook: Housing
DEV 7 Holt Lane, Hook & Whitewater Valley: Open Space and Nature Conservation
DEV 8 Queens Road, North Warnborough: Housing
DEV 9 Dilly Lane, Hartley Wintney: Housing
DEV 10 Guillemont Barracks, Hawley: Business
DEV 11 Land - B3014 Fleet to Cove Road: Roadside Facilities
DEV 12 Pyestock; "Area A" employment uses
DEV 13 Pyestock; "Area B" employment uses
DEV 14 Blackwater Industrial Estate: Redevelopment (B1)
DEV 15 Redfields Garden Centre, Church Crookham
DEV 16 Waterfront Business Park, Fleet (B1)
DEV 17 Clark’s Farm, Darby Green: Exception (B1/B2)
DEV 18 RAF Odiham
DEV 19 Robert Mays School, Odiham: Public Recreation
DEV 20 Jubilee Fields, Hartley Wintney: Public Recreation
DEV 21 Sandhurst Road, Yateley: Leisure
DEV 22 Sandhurst Road, Yateley: Employment
DEV 23 West of Hitches Lane: Reserve Site (Housing)