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The PDF map files are very detailed and as a consequence the size of the files is relatively large. Each map tile is approximately 300kb in size and will take about 90 seconds to download using a 56k modem. The screen may go blank while the map loads.
General: GEN 1-12
Conservation: CON 4-9, 13
Rural Economy: RUR 2-38
Transportation: T1, 2, 5, 14, 15
Proposals Applying to Specific Areas:
Gipsy Site (RUR 38)
Proposed SPA
(Special Protection Area) (CON 1)
SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) (CON 2)
Riverine Environments (CON 7) (Hart, Whitewater & Blackwater River Valleys)
Blackwater Valley (CON 20, RUR 31)
Basingstoke Canal (CON 10, RUR 32)
Strategic Gap (CON 19 & 20)
Local Gap (CON 21)
Scheduled Ancient Monument
(CON 11)
Historic Park/Garden (CON 12)
Road Improvement & Safeguarded Route (T6, 8, 9)
Junction Improvement (T8, 9, 13)
Specific Proposal Area (DEV 2-23)
Landscape Character Area (GEN 3)
Settlement & Inset Map Boundary
District Boundary

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